Opening times: 

Nursery:  from Thursday 25 March 2021. Thursday to Saturday inclusive 10am – 5.30pm

Gardens: from Thursday 6 May 2021. Thursday to Saturday inclusive 10am – 5.30pm

“Thank you for the invaluable support you generously gave us over 2020, and we greatly looking forward to welcoming you again to our Nursery and Gardens – where a bountiful new crop of plants is being made for you as I write.”  Graham Gough

“…hedges and fences at every turn …lines of beauty achieved by long observation, hard thinking and the craftman's hand in this little world where reason and romanticism come happily together.”

Steven Desmond. Country Life.

Marchants Gardens & Nursery

Established by plantsman Graham Gough in 1998, Marchants Hardy Plants is widely recognised as one of the UK’s leading small independent Nursery and Gardens.

Nestled just north of the South Downs, the Gardens provide an ever-changing vision of the plants in situ through the seasons while the Nursery is renowned for growing and propagating all its herbaceous plants/grasses on site.

NEWS 2021: This early summer Carol Klein will present Channel 5’s series of eight ‘Great British Gardens’. We are lucky to be one of them. Each programme, an hour long, reveals each garden through the four seasons.  We look forward sharing the viewing date with you as soon as we hear.

“Covid prevails. We have all witnessed its devastating effect on our communities over the past year and we have also learnt much about our own safety and self-preservation – donning protective masks, washing our hands regularly together with sensible social distancing etiquette: simple rules which have helped us stay alive. Backed by the astonishing Covid-19 Vaccination programme now in place, we are beginning to learn that survival may soon become the norm. As Gardeners we have also discovered the immeasurable healing sanctuaries and oasis our Gardens have become.

Being an outdoor business we can assure you our site is an extremely healthy one. Lessons learnt on the Nursery last year will be put to even better use this year. The washing of hands, masks (if you wish to wear them) and social distancing will be ‘de rigueur’ as will the current aim of allowing only 6 people on the Nursery at any one time. Following this criteria carefully the nursery can function normally. Well almost – our one Loo remains closed for public use so be warned!

We have noticed the great pleasure our many customers have gained choosing from our range of home grown plants in Marchants’ remarkably beautiful setting. On that positive note we hope to wish you a very warm welcome at some point over the coming season. Stay safe, stay well.”

Graham, Hannah, Lucy and the team at Marchants.

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Early spring tasks - Graham and Henry cut back the grasses in the Marchants garden (Feb 2021)

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