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Nursery:  OPEN Thursday to Saturday inclusive 10am – 5.30pm

Gardens: OPEN Thursday to Saturday inclusive 10am – 5.30pm

“Thank you for the invaluable support you so generously gave us over 2020.  We greatly looking forward to welcoming you again to our Nursery and Gardens – where a bountiful new crop of plants is being made for you as I write.”  Graham Gough

“This is a place where plants reign supreme: a nirvana for gardeners who are looking for inspiration, advice and well grown plants.”

Stephanie Donaldson. Country Living.

Marchants Gardens & Nursery

Established by plantsman Graham Gough in 1998, Marchants Hardy Plants is widely recognised as one of the UK’s leading small independent Nursery and Gardens.

Nestled just north of the South Downs, the Gardens provide an ever-changing vision of the plants in situ through the seasons. Together with his talented Marchants team, Graham produces on site a splendid range of unusual herbaceous, grasses and woodland plants in their new peat-free compost.

NEWS UPDATE:  Having recently aired the first four episodes of the Great British Gardens TV series presented by Carol Klein, we hear from the producers that Channel 5 have, for the moment, sadly postponed the remaining four episodes, including the one on Marchants which was due to air on Monday 19th July.  The Great British Gardens series is a guided tour, throughout the seasons, of eight of the most beautiful and important gardens in Britain. As soon as we hear when the Marchants episode has been rescheduled for transmission, we’ll let you know!

NEWS JUNE 2021: 

“We’ve been hovering here at Marchants for over eight months now like an expectant family awaiting  news of the arrival of the ‘Great British Gardens’ series  presented by Carol Klein in which we appear with seven other renowned British gardens. With all the gardens now in full Summer growth what timing for all involved! 

The first episode was a delicious taster of what’s to come, taking a look across the four seasons at Arundel Castle Gardens. With Carol’s immense plant knowledge this is definitely a programme for keen gardeners and we feel Channel 5’s brief to visit ‘some of Britain’s most treasured outdoor spaces’ is very well timed and expressed. In the series Carol visits, among others, Gravetye Manor, Great Dixter, Beth Chatto Gardens, and Gresgarth Hall.  Marchants  will appear on the evening of Monday 19th July at 9.00 pm. 

We do hope you will be with us in spirit to celebrate this hopefully entertaining event.  In the meantime we look forward to seeing you here at Marchants.”

Graham, Hannah, Lucy and the team.



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One of Lucy's favourites, Lathyrus grandiflorus, the “everlasting pea" is available on the Marchants nursery. Scrambling happily and supported within its birch cage, it boasts large purple and carmine flowers, but alas, no scent (June 2021)

Hannah demonstrates to Faith (new to the Marchants team) the key steps in taking cuttings from a Lythrum virgatum - a beautiful form with myriad small, deep lilac-pink flowers (June 2021)

The bees at Marchants are just buzzing with joy as they voraciously collect nectar from the swaying poppies (June 2021)

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