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CLOSING – Saturday 23rd October 2021

“We will be closing the Nursery and Gardens for the winter on 23rd October, our last trading day for 2021.  What a year it has been, and we thank you most sincerely for your sterling support.”  Graham Gough

“So at Marchants, the nursery drifts almost imperceptibly into Gough's rich, dramatic sweeps of herbaceous planting: sanguisorbas, daylilies, masses of grasses, achilleas, dark agapanthus etc.”

Anna Pavord. The Independent Magazine.

Marchants Gardens & Nursery

Established by plantsman Graham Gough in 1998, Marchants Hardy Plants is widely recognised as one of the UK’s leading small independent Nursery and Gardens.

Nestled just north of the South Downs, the Gardens provide an ever-changing vision of the plants in situ through the seasons. Together with his talented Marchants team, Graham produces on site a splendid range of unusual herbaceous, grasses and woodland plants in their new peat-free compost.

“The autumn, just like the many huge slugs in the garden, has slowly crept up on us and now that mystical shift in the light has made its entrance to flatter and enhance the colours of the many flowers of both perennials and grasses that fill our garden here.  We had envisaged earlier in the year having an Aster Fest in early September but for various reasons could not fit it into our timetable.  Just as well as there would have been very few to see!  However the next three weeks will see a burgeoning of these beautiful creatures as they cascade with their bee-pulling flowers through the borders.  We adore them.  If you do toothed come and see our many Asters for yourselves.  But remember to choose a sunny day, Asters hate the rain as much as we humans do.

Alas, still no news for you on a transmission date for the Great British Gardens series on Channel 5.  We feel sure it will be shown whether this autumn or even next spring.  Who knows, so please keep watching our website for details as and when.”

Graham, Lucy, and the Marchants team


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Phlox have excelled in this year's wetter summer, and here Henry introduces some of Marchants' favourites, the delicate pinks working brilliantly against the grasses as we approach early autumn (August 2021)

One of Lucy's favourites, Lathyrus grandiflorus, the “everlasting pea" is available on the Marchants nursery. Scrambling happily and supported within its birch cage, it boasts large purple and carmine flowers, but alas, no scent (June 2021)

Hannah demonstrates to Faith (new to the Marchants team) the key steps in taking cuttings from a Lythrum virgatum - a beautiful form with myriad small, deep lilac-pink flowers (June 2021)

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