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Download Marchants Hardy Plants Catalogue

You can download our catalogue free in pdf format here or order a copy here (Price £1.80) and we'll put one in the post.

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The different textures, tints and tones gives this garden a real depth and quality that changes constantly.
Andy Sturgeon. The Guardian Weekend

Desperate Plea! Boxes!

We spend many hours collecting boxes from a number of sources for you to take your plants home in. It is an enormous help therefore if you can provide your own boxes and moreover a sure way of becoming a favourite customer! Many thanks.

Marchants Snowdrops

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Plant Inventory: Ornamental Grasses

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ORYZOPSIS milliacea. From evergreen tufts erupt filament-like flower stems arranged umbrella spoke fashion from the base in descending size, tier upon tier creating an elegant, airy effect. Almost unmatched for beauty in winter. 45cm.

PANICUM. The ‘Switch Grasses’ of North America are a valuable addition to our flower borders. Strictly clump forming and trouble free, they erupt in September/October into a shower of tiny reddish-purple, bead like flowers. At the same time, the foliage assumes crimson-purple hues, contributing greatly to the general effect.
P. amarum ‘Dewey Blue’. Differs from the following selections in being paler in both leaf and flower colour and with a more arching habit. We love it. 120cm.
P. v. ‘Cloud Nine’. The strictly erect grey-green leafy stems erupt in October into a spectacular billowy cloud of flowering panicles. It makes a superb punctuation. 2m.
P. v. ‘Dallas Blues’. Excellent broad blue green leaves, making it a foliage plant of due merit. The flowers are nothing to boast about. 2m+.
P. v. ‘North Wind’. We so enjoy this plant with its strong vertical habit, forming a green column in the border. Good bronze and copper tints in autumn too. Flowers? Hmm ask another question. 120cm.
*P. v. ‘Red Cloud’. Impressive sized panicles of ruby red flowers. A handsome newcomer. 120cm.
P. v. Rubrum. An old variety, but one which performs very well with us, flowering profusely and with superb autumn leaf colour. 1m.
*P. v. ‘Shenandoah’. Particularly dark red flowers in this form and characteristic red staining to the foliage also. 1m.
P. v. strictum. Bolt upright with a particularly airy flowering inflorescence. We love it! 120cm.
P. v.‘Warrior’. Produces a great misty head of ruby flower spikelets that remain attractive in winter long after their colour has been sapped. 120cm.

*PENNISETUM alopecuroides ‘Black Beauty’. A selected clone of the following with spectacular dark, busby-like flowers in autumn. Admired by all. 90cm. This and the following forms of P. alopecuroides enjoy moist, not dry soil.
P. a. ex ‘Black Beauty’. Seedlings of the above which come pretty true to form.
P. a.‘Herbstzauber’. Looking like an obese Pincushion, and softer toned than the above, the brown bottlebrush flowers of this fine German selection always draw positive comments. 50cm.
P. macrourum. Unequivocally one of the most exciting grasses we grow. The flowers, not unlike cream-white Pipe Cleaners, are held aloft on stiff 180cm stems. Need we say more!
*P. orientale. Difficult to propagate we hope to have plants of this lovely species for sale by early summer. Remains a fine plant and holds its own against the following newer introductions.
*P. o ‘Fairy Tails’. American selection where it has received much praise and given its superb performance in the garden here, much praise from us too. 75cm.
*P. o. ‘Karley Rose’. A much vaunted new introduction bearing dusky pink feathery flower plumes for several months. A good doer, managing well on Marchantʼs clay. 75cm.
P. thunbergii ‘Red Buttons’. A newish fountain grass with conspicuous, big bug sized copper-red flowers through summer. Has proved hardy here. 90cm.
*P. villosum. Spectacular, huge creamy-white tactile‘Caterpillar’ flowers, irresistible to kids (and adults too!) Hardy here but gets its annual haircut in spring only. 50cm.

Images at the top of the page are ©Gardens Illustrated / Sharon Pearson