2022 Opening Dates/Times 

NURSERY: Open from Thursday 24 March (until Saturday 22 October)

GARDENS: Open from Thursday 26 May

Please note: Nursery & Gardens: Thursdays – Saturdays ONLY / 10am – 5pm

“The different textures, tints and tones gives this garden a real depth and quality that changes constantly.”

Andy Sturgeon. The Guardian Weekend.


Marchants Gardens will be open from Thursday 26 May onwardsThursdays – Saturdays ONLY / 10am – 5pm

Marchants Nursery will be open from Thursday 24 March onwards / Thursdays – Saturdays ONLY / 10am – 5pm

Marchants NEWS:

Marchants Nursery and Garden are beginning a new and exciting chapter…


Having decided to take a well-deserved rest from the heavy lifting in the Marchants nursery and gardens, founders Graham Gough and Lucy Goffin have handed the day-to-day running of Marchants to Hannah, Jean and Henry, and their team of staff and volunteers 

No significant changes at Marchants are planned. Renowned plantsman Graham, with Lucy, still own the site – and both will be lovingly overseeing and guiding this new era. Graham will continue to bring his expertise to group visits from Europe and the UK.  

Founded over 23 years ago, Marchants has a fantastic horticultural reputation – it is renowned for quality, home-propagated plants, and is an artistic garden of craft and beauty. Hannah and the team aim to further enhance these aspects, using the nursery and gardens as a home of learning, skill-sharing and plant knowledge.  The ‘magic of Marchants’ will go on.

Team Marchants!  Hannah, Jean and Henry are the lynchpins of the new management team, ably supported by John, Beccy, Faith and our valued volunteers.

Nursery manager Hannah has been working at Marchants for over seven years.  Hannah oversees plant care, from propagation bench to nursery bed. Having learnt her craft from renowned plantsman Graham Gough, Hannah has a passion for propagation and is always seeking out new and unusual plants for Marchants’ clients. 

Head gardener Henry has worked at Marchants for more than two years.  Henry brings with him an extensive knowledge of the garden environment, working at Marchants and Sarah Raven’s Perch Hill, and previously in the gardens at Parham House.  He loves the elegant style of Marchants’ planting, developed by Graham Gough over the past twenty plus years, combining as it does grasses and perennials, trees and swathes of meadow planting.

Jean is a keen propagator and gardener, a long-standing customer and fan of Marchants who has been visiting the nursery and gardens for many years. Jean brings her passion and expertise to all aspects of the operation.

We look forward to welcoming you to beautiful Marchants!

For over 22 years Graham Gough has devoted himself to raising plants and breeding and selecting new varieties while also designing and developing the beautiful garden at Marchants. While too few places get to know the plants they sell, Graham knows his plants well, and over the years has bred many Marchants own varieties.  At Marchants almost everything is propagated from stock plants grown in the garden, hence the Marchants team know intimately both the provenance and growing preferences of all the plants sold on the Nursery.

Visiting the Nursery

Three things you may not know about Marchants:

1. We are unusual in that all our plants are propagated on site – which is good news for sustainability/environmental reasons, and good for bio-security and prevention of plant disease.  

2. Our garden is our ‘stock bed’ where from mid-May visitors will see many of our Nursery plants in situ as the season develops.

3. Many customers from distant places ask if we can send plants. Unfortunately we can’t offer Mail Order – we are a small team and it’s sadly just not feasible.  Much more exciting to visit us!

Pots, Peat and Pest Control

On your visit to the nursery you will notice our new taupe coloured recyclable pots.  Please feel free to return these to us – as long as they are clean, not broken and from Marchants, we will be happy to accept them.

Having already reduced the peat in our potting mix, from Summer 2021 onwards we are turning to an entirely peat-free compost.  We will be monitoring this very carefully to ensure we continue to deliver the same level of quality that you have come to expect here at Marchants.

We are also getting to know our bugs!  Learning the difference between beneficial insects and pests is an essential part of horticulture, enabling us to use one to combat the other. This is exactly what we are doing by using nematodes to treat any pests we find on the Nursery.  The little live bacteria are kept in the fridge until the conditions are right to set them free among the plants.  As long as we don’t confuse them with the porridge oats!


Our photos below highlight the Nursery through the Spring, Summer and Autumn seasons.