The varied range of fine plants offered at Marchants Nursery are virtually all propagated on site.  Most are propagated from stock plants grown in the Gardens, a rare thing nowadays, hence the Marchants team know intimately both the provenance and growing preferences of all the plants sold on the Nursery.

Marchants Hardy Plants is now closed for the Winter.  We look forward to seeing you again in 2024.  



Please note, prices may change according to the pot size.

We do not offer mail order. 

All Marchants plants are home-grown, so please note that it is NOT possible to have ALL plants listed ready early in the season.

Also plants are grown in various pot sizes to suit the plant and stage of growth, therefore throughout the season plants are sometimes potted on, and prices may change accordingly.

We are not able to offer Mail Order – we encourage customers to visit the Nursery, or to collect by arrangement.  If you wish to check availability before visiting, do please email:

Visiting the Nursery

You will find expertise and advice aplenty when you visit this exciting Nursery.  Marchants, founded almost 25 years ago, has over the years built a fantastic horticultural reputation. Having taken over the day-to-day management of the Nursery and Gardens from Graham Gough in 2022, Hannah Fox and the skilled Marchants team aim to enhance this reputation further by developing Marchants as a home of learning, skill-sharing and plant knowledge.

Too few places get to know the plants they sell.  At Marchants almost everything is propagated from stock plants grown in the garden, hence the team knows intimately both the provenance and preferences of the many rare, unusual and familiar plants grown for the Nursery.


Pots, Peat and Pest Control

On your visit you may notice our taupe coloured recyclable pots  (please feel free to return these to us – as long as they are clean, not broken and from Marchants, we will be happy to accept them).

We are now using peat-free compost.  The transition has been challenging, but we continue to carefully monitor to ensure we continue to deliver the same level of quality that you have come to expect here at Marchants.

Knowing the difference between beneficial insects and pests is an essential part of horticulture, using one to combat the other, and this is exactly what we are doing by using nematodes to treat any pests we find on the Nursery.  The live bacteria are kept in the fridge until the conditions are right to set them free among the plants (as long as we don’t confuse them with the porridge oats!).

“…hedges and fences at every turn …lines of beauty achieved by long observation, hard thinking and the craftman's hand in this little world where reason and romanticism come happily together.”

Steven Desmond, Country Life