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…there is a display garden with beds and borders, sensitively planted, full of verve and panache.
Roy Lancaster. The Garden.

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We spend many hours collecting boxes from a number of sources for you to take your plants home in. It is an enormous help therefore if you can provide your own boxes and moreover a sure way of becoming a favourite customer! Many thanks.

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Plant Inventory: Herbaceous Perennials

*CALAMINTHA nepeta ‘Blue Cloud’. Summer droughts it would seem sort out the men from the boys. This flowers unabashed for months on end oblivious to the parched soil in which it grows. A great bee puller too. 30cm.

CAMASSIA ‘Electra’. Fabulous flowers, a mixture of sky blue, pale violet, even a hint of turquoise. A few to spare of this uncommon form. 120cm.
C. ‘Lady Eve Price’. A few to spare of this rare and suave deep violet flowered form from Wakehurst Place Garden. One per customer!

*CAMPANULA carpatica var. pelviformis. Large, clear blue salvers over a gently spreading clump make this an ideal and reliable performer for the border front or rockery.
Campanula ‘Crystal’. A brilliant newcomer from Avondale Nursery. A hybrid (with associated vigour), fulsome bells of palest amethyst open from purple washed buds. Any half decent soil in full sun. 50cm.
*C. lactiflora ‘Dixter Presence’. Christopher Lloyd’s own selection which we covet. Tall at 180cm, profuse bell flowers of mid-blue are carried in large, open heads.
C. l. ‘Dixter Presence Seedlings’. Ranging from pale lilac-blue to violet-blue, there are some choice seedlings among this batch. 1m+.
C. l. Marchants Seedling. A strapping, healthy seedling selected from the above with heads of large mid violet-blue flowers. 1.2m+.
*C. l. ‘Platinum’. An alluring combination of silvery-grey flowers with pewter sepals. 140cm.
C. latiloba alba. A gently suckering plant whose largest rosettes produce sturdy spikes of large, cup shaped pure white flowers. Easily pleased in sun or partial shade. 60cm.
*C. ‘Sarastro’. A selection from the continent, packing in a punch with its large, glossy violet-blue bells. Self supporting. 60cm.
C. trachelium alba flore-pleno. The venerable, uncommon double white form of the ‘Nettle Leaved’ campanula, its oldy worldy charm at odds with today’s slick contemporary gardens. 60cm.

CENTAUREA bella. A neat border front plant with silvery evergreen cut foliage and a generous summer display of lilac-pink flowers. 30cm.
*C. benoistii. Typical cut foliage of the genus, the stiff upright stems carry claret-ruby coloured tufted flowers for months on end. 120cm.
C. orientalis. Similar to the following and highly valued if you’re seeking to attract insects into the garden. 70cm.
C. rupestris. A long flowering straw yellow Knapweed with exquisitely shaped buds, cut silvery foliage and a ‘wild’ look about it. Requires sun and good drainage. 70cm.
C. simplicicaulis. As C. bella above but a notch smaller in all its parts. 20cm.

CENTRANTHUS ruber albus. The comely, humble Valerian in its pure white form. 70cm.

CEPHALARIA dipsacoides. In effect, a daintier form of C. gigantea, with smaller pale yellow flowers emerging from exquisitely fashioned buds. In winter, the spacious tracery of wiry stems and spent seed heads presents a beautiful, though stark silhouette. 2m.

CHAEROPHYLLUM hirsutum ‘Roseum’. A highly effective lilac-pink ‘Cow parsley’ relative and as one famous garden writer puts it ‘– few plants can hold a candle to it in May’. 70cm.

*CHRYSANTHEMUM ‘Bullfinch’. A strong growing, upright variety with semidouble claret red flowers in autumn and like the following, wonderful for picking. 75cm.
C. ‘Cottage Apricot’. Single flowers, a beautiful shade for autumn of apricot-orange fading to an apricot-pink. 70cm.

CIRSIUM rivulare atropurpureum. A thistle grown for the rich colour of its intense crimson-maroon flowers held on stout stems during summer and autumn too if you are lucky. 120cm.

CLEMATIS ex ‘Cote d’Azur’. A boldly spreading, leafy herbaceous plant often colouring well in Autumn. The tubular violet-blue flowers are not large but generously born. Good seed heads are an added bonus. 1m.

*CONVOLVULUS cneorum. First rate silky, silver leaved hummock forming shrub for a well drained hot spot. Pleated, large white flowers throughout summer and autumn.
*C. mauritanicus. (syn. Sabatius) A spreading plant providing an ebb and flow of satin like, soft pearly blue salvers through summer/autumn. A desert island plant for us capable of a long life in a sheltered spot. 15cm.

*CORONILLA valentina ssp. ‘Citrina’. This glaucous, leguminous shrub bears its remarkable display of pale yellow scented flowers for months on end but begs a sheltered site. 120cm+

CROCOSMIA. We can think of no better way to enliven the late summer border than to use these dazzling performers. They love moisture (not boggy) and lots of sunshine to perform well, and need dividing every now and then to keep them in good fettle.
*C. ‘Castle Ward Late’. The orangy-red segments are narrower than most, giving the plant a spidery look. 80cm
C. ‘Gerbe D’or’. Bronze foliage acts as a great backdrop to pale orange flowers. A reliable, hearty grower. 70cm.
*C. ‘Jenny Bloom’. From the Bloom’s stable, good-sized flowers in apricot yellow. 60cm.
*C. ‘Lucifer’. Aptly named devilish red flowers partner superb ribbed foliage. Common but oozes class. 1.5m.
C. masoniorum ‘Dixter Flame’. Lloyd’s answer to the Lucifer look a likes, pure red, broad leaves and an accommodating 70cm in height.
C. m. ‘Rowallane Yellow’. No bending required as the solid yellow flowers are upward facing Handsome broad foliage too. 90cm.
*C. ‘Queen Alexandra’. Elegant, nodding Erythronium like orange blooms enhanced by a dash of crimson in the throat. 80cm.
*C. ‘Severn Sunrise’. Almost everyone comments favourably on the weird peachy-rose colour of this award winning plant. A challenge to place this colour well but terrific with purples. 60cm.
*C. ‘Walberton Yellow’. A yardstick plant bred some years ago by David Tristram. The substantial golden yellow flowers are borne for weeks and open from a fascinating crosier shaped bud formation. 60cm.

CYNARA cardunculus ‘Cardy’. One of the boldest and handsomest of all foliage plants, its huge silver-grey leaves making an arresting and colossal feature. Needing elbow room, the flower stems can reach 2.5m+
C. c. ex Chelsea Physic Form. A spiny, aggressive brute, presumably to keep animals at bay, with deeply incised Leaves. Flowering at 1.8m, this is an easier managed plant than the above. But watch those spines!

Images at the top of the page are ©Gardens Illustrated / Sharon Pearson