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…hedges and fences at every turn …lines of beauty achieved by long observation, hard thinking and the craftman's hand in this little world where reason and romanticism come happily together.
Steven Desmond. Country Life.

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We spend many hours collecting boxes from a number of sources for you to take your plants home in. It is an enormous help therefore if you can provide your own boxes and moreover a sure way of becoming a favourite customer! Many thanks.

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Plant Inventory: Herbaceous Perennials

*DAHLIA coccinea. Seed raised plants from an isolated plant of the true species. Fresh green foliage compliments the slightly nodding, Clementine sized pale orange flowers. 1.2m +.
*D. x coccinea. Flowering sized seedlings from our super tangerine orange parent plant. The progeny vary a little but we’ve yet to see a dull one among them.
*D. merkii. A refined Mexican species with cut foliage, small, demure lilac flowers and central boss of yellow stamens. Blooms throughout summer and is capable of being hardy. 1m+

DATISCA cannabina. A tough perennial whose woody stems annually attain 2m +, decked with attractive, slender cannabis like leaves (if you happen to know about these things!) Tiny green flowers hang in tassles in late summer contributing splendidly to the green theme.

DELPHINIUM staphisagria. A tall growing species whose elegant spires are composed of many muted grey-blue hooded flowers. 2m+.

DIANTHUS. carthusianorum. On wiry stems over grassy foliage, small buds erupt into dazzling bursts of deep magenta pink through summer. 60cm.
D. carthusianorm Form No 2. A form picked up from Knowle Gardens being distinctly shorter than the above and with bigger, brighter flowers. 35cm.
D. deltoides ‘Leuchtfunk’. Saturated crimson flowers, like splashes of blood over a mat of deep green foliage.

DIASCIA. ‘Emma’. Narrow leaved suckering clumps and a profusion of dusky deep pink flowers – exactly what we expect of these marvellous, hardy plants. 30cm.
D. personata. A remarkable newcomer holding itself, literally, head and shoulders above its kin with its lofty, upright habit. Typical horned mid-pink flowers for months and months. South Africa. 60cm.

DICTAMNUS albus. The resinously aromatic Dittany of Crete in its glistening white form. Slow we find but worth the wait and once settled a long lived plant. 90cm.
D. albus purpureus. The equally beautiful mauve-purple form. Raised from our very fine form.

DIERAMA ‘Tiny Bells’. Dusky pink thimble sized bells over tough, rush like foliage. At 30cm a dramatic change from the lofty Angels Fishing rod’s usually encountered.

DIGITALIS ferruginea. Baggy pale caramel flowers with a pouting lip. Dark sentinel spikes in winter. 1m+.
D. f. ‘Gelber Herold’. A bigger form of the above with brown-purple veining to lip and inside of flower.
D. parviflora. A notably different Foxglove whose basal leaves give rise to spikes of small, narrow tawny-brown flowers 60cm.

DISPORUM flavens. From Korea, the bamboo-like stems of this relative of Solomon’s Seal reach 60cm and carry pale yellow flowers in the axils of the newly developed leaves in April-May.
D. leucanthum. An uncommon woodlander collected by myself in Sechuan, China. Almost evergreen, the newly emerging dark stems carry slender Polygonatum like cream and green flowers in spring. Small leaden-blue fruits persist through autumn and winter. 40cm.
D. sessile variegatum. The bold green and white variegated leaves and pale celadon flowers of this N. American woodlander will gladly illuminate any half shaded spot. 30cm.

DRYOPTERIS erythrosora. A handsome evergreen fern, the unfurling fronds beautifully copper patinated. 45cm.

Images at the top of the page are ©Gardens Illustrated / Sharon Pearson