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Download Marchants Hardy Plants Catalogue

You can download our catalogue free in pdf format here or order a copy here (Price £1.80) and we'll put one in the post.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the pdf file. If you don't already have it installed on you computer you can get the latest version here:

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What they say...

If you put a date in your diary for a visit to Marchants, do empty the boot of your car. I hadn't planned to buy any plants but left with a garden full.
Sarah Raven. The Daily Telegraph

Desperate Plea! Boxes!

We spend many hours collecting boxes from a number of sources for you to take your plants home in. It is an enormous help therefore if you can provide your own boxes and moreover a sure way of becoming a favourite customer! Many thanks.

Marchants Snowdrops

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Plant Inventory: Herbaceous Perennials

*RANUNCULUS aconitifolius platanifolius. The flowers emerge almost at ground level and eventually erupt into an airy flight of delicate white blooms on 90cm branched stems. Adores our clay.

RHUBARB (RHEUM) ‘Cawood Delight’. A virus free clone from the Stockbridge Research station with deep ruby red stems and a mild flavour. Slow and therefore not recommended for forcing.

RODGERSIA ‘Cally Salmon’. Striking spikes of bright salmon pink flowers ageing typically to a weathered red when in seed.
R. ‘Die Anmutige’. An Ernst Pagel’s selection chosen for its particularly richly bronzed foliage and splendid tapering panicles of floaty cream-rose flowers. 1m.
R. p. ‘Maurice Mason’. Named by Christopher Lloyd after his plantsman friend. A magnificent form, handsome in foliage, flower (rich pink) and seed (dusky red) and deserving of your very best soil. 120cm.
R. podophylla. Ample palmate leaves emerge in spring strikingly bronze flushed, eventually turning green but retaining their beauty until autumn. 90cm.
R. sambucifolia ‘Mountain Select’. Bold, pinnate, textured foliage and tapering, branched panicles of creamy-white flowers in June/July. An uncommon form. 90cm.

ROSCOEA ‘Beesiana’. Related to the Gingers these woodland plants have an exotic beauty. The vaguely orchid like bi-coloured blooms of this form are pale primrose and reddish-purple. 40cm.
R. cautleoides ‘Kew Beauty’. A tremendously vigorous form with large, primrose yellow flowers. 45cm.
R. purpurea. A large flowered purple form, not difficult to grow. 30cm.

RUDBECKIA. Stalwarts of the herbaceous border and like wily politicians will go on and on for years with little encouragement.
*R. fulgida ‘Goldsturm’. The mind boggles as to how Susan received her black eyes. Perhaps staring at her namesake for too long for this is a bold yellow! In fact, yokes of free-range eggs spring to mind. Whilst brazen, it remains a peerless plant. 90 cm.
R. ‘Herbstsonne’. The large bright yellow drooping petals and central green cone make for a plant of enormous quality. Tangos beautifully with Salvia uliginosa through the autumn. 2m+.
R. laciniata. An elegant plant bearing graceful clear yellow daisies with green coned centres on 2m stems. Both foliage and the persistent seed heads are handsome too.
R. subtomentosa. A notch softer in colour than some of the former and gentler therefore on the eye. The central cone resembles a maroon button. Needs a few pea sticks on our windy site. 120cm.

Images at the top of the page are ©Gardens Illustrated / Sharon Pearson