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Download Marchants Hardy Plants Catalogue

You can download our catalogue free in pdf format here or order a copy here (Price £1.80) and we'll put one in the post.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the pdf file. If you don't already have it installed on you computer you can get the latest version here:

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What they say...

The different textures, tints and tones gives this garden a real depth and quality that changes constantly.
Andy Sturgeon. The Guardian Weekend

Desperate Plea! Boxes!

We spend many hours collecting boxes from a number of sources for you to take your plants home in. It is an enormous help therefore if you can provide your own boxes and moreover a sure way of becoming a favourite customer! Many thanks.

Marchants Snowdrops

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Press Cuttings

The Nursery …

Marchants: a pastoral symphony
“A musician-turned-nurseryman has let his natural passions run wild in his own Sussex downland garden”
» Read the Daily Telegraph article by Stephen Lacey

“This is a place where plants reign supreme: a nirvana for gardeners who are looking for inspiration, advice and well grown plants.”
Stepanie Donaldson. Country Living.

“If you put a date in your diary for a visit to Marchants, do empty the boot of your car. I hadn’t planned to buy any plants but left with a garden full.”
Sarah Raven. The Daily Telegraph

“Visitors to this small nursery will come away , not only with a boot full of grasses but, as Gough practises what he preaches in his magnificent borders, buckets of information on how to plant them.”
Rae Spence Jones. Telegraph Gardening.

… and the Garden …

“For me Marchants has the sense that it has grown out of its very particular site and location in a completely and appropriate way, far more than most Sussex Gardens I have visited. The arrangement of plants sits happily at ease with its characteristic downland backdrop, always enhancing rather than detracting. This is nothing short of miraculous cosidering the age of the garden.”
Lorraine Harrison in '20 Sussex Gardens' (Snake River Press, 2007)

“The success of Marchants garden and its complete fittingness to place is the direct result of Graham's background. Born and bred in the county, the Southdowns were his playground and as a young man the place he always came back to. He belongs here, and the garden he has created most certainly feels it belongs here, too.”
Lorraine Harrison in 'Inspiring Sussex Gardeners' (Snake River Press, 2008)

“If you want to be inspired to plant with grasses, Marchants is the place to go.”
Mary Keen. The Telegraph.

“- there is a display garden with beds and borders, sensitively planted, full of verve and panache.”
Roy Lancaster. The Garden.

“In the beds and borders of the gardens that are part of Marchants a style of gardening is evolving that fuses the best elements of the “New Perennial ” movement with a very English love of colour.”
Elspeth Thompson. The Garden.

“The different textures, tints and tones gives this garden a real depth and quality that changes constantly.”
Andy Sturgeon. The Guardian Weekend

“So at Marchants , the nursery drifts almost imperceptibly into Gough’s rich, dramatic sweeps of herbaceous planting: sanguisorbas, daylilies, masses of grasses, achilleas, dark agapanthus (etc)”
Anna Pavord. The Independent Magazine.

… and the Catalogue

“What it does spoil you with is masses of magnificent plants and some entertainingly opinionated writing.”
Rachel de Thame. The Sunday Times

“This catalogue is already extensive and includes plenty of engaging descriptions”
Cristopher Lloyd. Country Life.

“Graham is not always looking for display. When he uses the word subtle, Lloyd gets a bit restive.”
Christopher Lloyd. Country Life

Images at the top of the page are ©Gardens Illustrated / Sharon Pearson