Graham Gough walks around the beautiful meadows at Marchants Gardens (July 2020)

Graham Gough highlights among others, Sanguisorba Menziesii and Amsonia 'Ernst Pagels', a speciality at Marchants (June 2020)

Enjoy the wilder side of Marchants gardens (June 2020)

Graham Gough introduces us to among others; Centaurea simplicicaulis and a clove-scented carnation, Dianthus ‘Telhouet’ (May 2020)

In amongst the vegetables; Graham Gough shows us his home veg beds (June 2020)

Picked today at Marchants Gardens, beautiful blooms and grasses (June 2020)

Hannah Fox highlights a group of plants on the Marchants nursery that are ideal for a shady border (May 2020).

Hannah's late May favourites on the nursery; among others, Hakonechloa macro 'Aureola' and Tulbaghia 'Fairy Star' (May 2020)