After a very wet February, Hannah and Henry introduce the new season’s cuttings and plants as propagation progresses in the tunnels (February 2024)

Roll on autumn, the ideal time to get planting! Our grasses, late summer perennials, and other specialist plants are looking particularly tempting at the moment (October 2022)

It's been baking hot all summer at Marchants, and everything, yes everything, is needing a good drench!

Hannah highlights just two of the many plants looking great on the nursery this month, Viola Inverary and Ranunculus Gramineus 'Pardal' (April 2022)

On a beautiful spring day, Graham tells us about one of his favourite in the garden - Narcissus subs. moschatus - what a beaut! (March 2022)

Henry tackles the cutting back of Salix pratensis, highlighting the approach and best tools for the job (February 2022)

The finished job! Henry's radical early spring scalping of the Salix pratensis - Graham is not amused ;-)) (February 2022)

Hannah highlights the Persicaria orientalis, an extraordinary annual, tall and lofty and commonly called "kiss me over the garden gate" (January 2022)

Cutting back the meadow at Marchants, albeit a little later than normal as Graham and the team have been so busy with the nursery that it’s held up other essential autumn tasks (October 2021)

Reviewing the ancient hedge that forms part of Marchants' boundary - well over 100 years old, the hedge was laid by partially cutting through the stems of a line of small trees near ground level and arching the stems without snapping, so they grow horizontally and can be intertwined (October 2021)

Phlox have excelled in this year's wetter summer, and here Henry introduces some of Marchants' favourites, the various pinks working brilliantly against the grasses as we approach early autumn (August 2021)

One of Lucy's favourites, Lathyrus grandiflorus, the “everlasting pea" is available on the Marchants nursery. Scrambling happily and supported within its birch cage, it boasts large purple and carmine flowers, but alas, no scent (June 2021)

Hannah demonstrates to Faith (new to the Marchants team) the key steps in taking cuttings from a Lythrum virgatum - a beautiful form with myriad small, deep lilac-pink flowers (June 2021)

The bees at Marchants are just buzzing with joy as they voraciously collect nectar from the swaying poppies (June 2021)

Graham talks about his favourite and most useful garden tool made by the Brades Forge, Oldbury near Birmingham. In 1962 Brades became part of Spear & Jackson, hence original tools are now highly sought after (June 2021)

Graham shows some of the 1,000 or more plants being propagated in one of the poly tunnels - as he describes it, the Marchants 'nerve centre' (April 2021)…

Graham's musing on Marchants history as seen through its plant catalogues, from 1999 to the latest 2021 catalogue with its listing of over 600 plants (March 2021)…

Further developments bolstering Marchants eco credentials, here Hannah explains about going completely peat-free and using recyclable pots (March 2021)…

Early spring tasks - Graham and Henry cut back the grasses in the Marchants garden (Feb 2021)

Hannah shows us the impressive 'Klimt' bank of crocuses at Marchants - self-seeded over the years, and a truly beautiful en masse display (Feb 2021)...

Graham introduces two quite different snowdrops, Galanthus 'Modern Art' and the freely seeding G. plicatus 'Gerard Parker' lookalikes...

Specialist grower Graham Gough shows us two of the many beautiful and unique Snowdrops available in The Marchants’ Specialist Snowdrop Sale…

Such an exciting time of the year as the garden gradually awakens. Giving us the inside edge on Snowdrops is specialist grower Graham Gough.

No time for relaxing on the Marchants nursery as Hannah explains the busy propagation season - taking cuttings, dividing, collecting seeds, potting on (Nov 2020)

Stopping by the magnificent Malus hupehensis AGM in Marchants garden , Graham tells the story of a visit by Roy Lancaster and a group of Japanese nurserymen (Sept 2020)

Need suggestions for container planting? Hannah highlights key Pelargoniums, and Pennisetum and Panicum grasses, among others (Sept 2020).

Graham shows us plants standing up well to drought conditions, among others Knifophia ‘Green Jade’ and Agapanthus ‘Quink Drops’ (August 2020)

Marchants boasts a fine collection of Agapanthus; here Graham highlights several including the extraordinary Agapathus Windsor Grey (July 2020)

Hannah suggests plants for our drier summers. Among others, Lythrum virgatum and several excellent Origanums (July 2020).

Graham Gough walks around the beautiful meadows at Marchants Gardens (July 2020)

Graham Gough highlights among others, Sanguisorba Menziesii and Amsonia 'Ernst Pagels', a speciality at Marchants (June 2020)

Enjoy the wilder side of Marchants gardens (June 2020)

Graham Gough introduces us to among others; Centaurea simplicicaulis and a clove-scented carnation, Dianthus ‘Telhouet’ (May 2020)

In amongst the vegetables; Graham Gough shows us his home veg beds (June 2020)

Picked today at Marchants Gardens, beautiful blooms and grasses (June 2020)

Hannah Fox highlights a group of plants on the Marchants nursery that are ideal for a shady border (May 2020).

Hannah's late May favourites on the nursery; among others, Hakonechloa macro 'Aureola' and Tulbaghia 'Fairy Star' (May 2020)